05 January 2017

BlankOn X Tambora Review : Fast and Gorgeous

BlankOn is an Indonesian, Debian based Linux distribution. In January 2017, BlankOn development team has released its newest version BlankOn Linux X (10) codenamed “Tambora” (which is a name of a volcano in Indonesia).

1. Overview
BlankOn Linux X Tambora uses Linux kernel 4.6.0-1. Not like other recent Linux distributions today, BlankOn X Tambora supports both 32bit and 64bit architecture. It is really a very good decision to keep the 32bit support, because there are many Linux users who still use an old computer with slow CPU and small amount of memory.
BlankOn Linux X Tambora with Manokwari Desktop

2. Manokwari Desktop
BlankOn has a custom desktop shell called Manokwari, built on the top of GNOME. It’s a gorgeous, simple and really fast desktop. BlankOn X Tambora uses GNOME component version 3.20.1.

Manokwari has 5 important elements : 

Left Panel
When you click the left top corner at the distribution logo, an elegenat drop-down traditional menu will appear. There is a search bar in the menu so you could find an app shortcut by typing. Personally, I love this elegant & fast traditional menu.

Task Bar
Beside distribution logo, there is a simple task bar with tiny icons of the applications running. If the pointer hovered at the task bar, a preview will appear similar to GNOME shell task bar.

At the right top corner, there are Indicator applets : network indicator, sound indicator, input indicator, application indicator, and virtual desktop indicator.

Right Panel
If you hover at the right top corner, a complete, elegant setting shortcuts will appear. The menu will remind you to the very similar menu of Deepin Linux. In fact, no doubt it is the exact same menu which Deepin Linux has. 

Applications Dock
At the bottom you will find a very nice and very simple dock. If you right click an app shortcut from the left panel drop-down menu, and you click ‘Add to desktop’, the app shortcut will be put in the dock.

3. Resource Utilization
BlankOn Linux X Tambora utilizes about 700-800 MB of memory in the idle time. Ran in my Intel dual core 1,6 Ghz with 4 GB of memory, BlankOn Linux runs very well and the desktop overall runs fast.

4. Installation
BlankOn Linux has a live installer with very simple option. You’ll only find a choice to install the system into a specific partition. There is an advanced option, but still, the option doesn’t provide advanced partitioning like in Ubuntu’s or Debian’s Installer.

If you don’t have a specific partition yet, you have to make it first by using partition manager like gparted.

5. Themes
BlankOn X Tambora uses a modified version of Arc GTK theme which looks gorgeous. Paired with a nice icon theme called Tebu, I love the overall BlankOn X’s artwork. Very nice job for the BlankOn’s artwork team. BlankOn X Tambora also has an elegant shutdown dialog.
Tebu Icon Theme
A good looking Shutdown dialog
6. Conclusion
BlankOn X Tambora provides you a good and fast desktop called Manokwari. It’s very easy to understand and very easy to use. If you are looking for a fast and beautiful, alternative Linux distribution, BlankOn X Tambora is perhaps your perfect Linux distribution you've been searching. 

These are my personal scores to BlankOn X Tambora :
- Build Quality : 8/10
- Desktop : 9/10
- Artwork : 9/10
- Resource Utilization : 7,5/10
- Installation : 5/10
- Overall score : 8/10

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