02 May 2016

How To Easily Install / Upgrade MATE Desktop 1.14 in Ubuntu MATE 16.04 LTS (Xenial Xerus)

In 8 April 2016, MATE Desktop 1.14 has been released. Based on Ubuntu MATE website, this version brings some improvement, such as follows :

  • Improved GTK+3 support across the entire MATE Desktop.
  • Full GTK 3.20 support in all MATE themes.
  • Client Side Decorated applications render correctly in all themes.
  • Completely ported MATE System Monitor and Mozo to GTK+3 only.
  • Touchpad configuration now supports edge and two-finger scrolling independently.
  • Python extensions in Caja can now be managed separately.
  • All three window focus modes are selectable.
  • MATE Panel now has the ability to change icon sizes for menubar and menu items.
  • MATE NetSpeed Applet has been merged into the MATE Applets package.
  • MATE Terminal support VTE 2.91 API when built for GTK+3.
  • Volume and Brightness OSD can now be enabled/disabled.
  • Translations are updated. Thank you to our team of translators!

Unfortunately, Ubuntu MATE 16.04 didn't bring MATE Desktop 1.14 because of release cycle issue. But thankfully, we can install MATE Desktop 1.14 on Ubuntu/Ubuntu MATE 16.04 LTS (Xenial Xerus) by using Linux Mint 18 official repository.

These are the steps :
1. Put Linux Mint 18 repository into your sources.list
sudo pluma /etc/apt/sources.list
add these address at the below of your sources.list :
deb http://packages.linuxmint.com/ sarah backport

2. Update your apt database
sudo apt-get update

3. Install the MATE desktop components
sudo apt-get install mate-applets mate-backgrounds mate-control-center mate-desktop mate-icon-theme mate-indicator-applet mate-media mate-menu mate-netbook mate-notification-daemon mate-panel mate-polkit mate-power-manager mate-screensaver mate-session-manager mate-settings-daemon mate-system-monitor mate-terminal mate-user-guide atril caja caja-extensions-common caja-gksu caja-open-terminal caja-sendto caja-wallpaper marco mate-utils mozo

4. And now, we have MATE 1.14 on Ubuntu / Ubuntu MATE 1.14 Xenial Xerus LTS.

16 February 2016

How To Easily Download Youtube Subtitle/Caption in Linux

Youtube is now become a major, most viewed, free video streaming website in the universe. It is complete, mobile, and rich featured, including subtitle/caption. And then, there is a simple question, how to download Youtube subtitle/caption in Linux?

Apparently, there is an application called Google2SRT. It is officialy a Ms. Windows application, but thanks to the developer it's built with Java so it's mobile and could be ran in any other operating system using JVM (Java Virtual Machine).

For the sake of ease, I've been 'ported' the application into Linux (.deb), and could be easily installed in any Debian based Linux distribution. Here are the steps to install :

1. Download the package HERE.
2. Install the dependency : sudo apt-get install icedtea-plugin
3. Install the package : sudo dpkg -i google2srt_0.7.4_all.deb
4. Just copy and paste the Youtube URL, press Go.

06 February 2016

How To Run .jar File in Linux

Java archive (.jar), in the past, was a very popular format, especially for Java based mobile cellphone and Symbian based cellphone. It's a mobile and portable format, and could also used to build a desktop (PC) application.

For you Linux folks, if you found a java based application with .jar formatted, it's very easy to run the file. Here are the steps to run .jar file in Linux :

1. Install IcedTea (open source version of Java Virtual Machine)

sudo apt-get install icedtea-plugin

2. Open terminal, and run the .jar file with following command :

java -jar file.jar

Google2SRT, a desktop application to download and convert Youtube's subtitle / caption into a srt file, running under Linux. It's officialy a Microsoft Windows application build using Java.

30 January 2016

Disable Partial / All Cron in WHM/Cpanel Server (Except Root)

Cronjobs is somewhat a massive activity and could affect the overall server performance. And so, as administrator, we need to disable some user's cronjobs to relieve the server load. There is a tricky but simple way to disable partial cronjob in WHM/Cpanel based server. Here are the very simple steps :

1. Create a directory /var/spool/cron.disabled
# mkdir /var/spool/cron.disabled
2. Move the cronjobs you want to be disabled
# mv /var/spool/cron/username /var/spool/cron.disabled
3. Restart http/apache server to take effect
# /etc/init.d/httpd restart

23 January 2016

Install Latest Flashplayer Plugin For Mozilla Firefox in Linux

The latest version of adobe flashplayer plugin for Linux is now maintained by Google under a new name called "Pepper Flashplugin". This plugin is built as default in Google's official browser Google Chrome. For Mozilla Firefox user, for now Pepper Flashplugin is officially supported in Ubuntu repository. The steps is very simple as follows :

1. Install Google Chrome
You need to have Google Chrome installed. If you don't have it, the installer will automatically download Google Chrome in order to extract the flashplayer.
2. Update your apt
Make sure your apt cache is updated by executing command : sudo apt-get update
3. Install the package
Install the package : sudo apt-get install browser-plugin-freshplayer-pepperflash

Ubuntu 15.04 Bellow (14.04, 12.04)
For Ubuntu 15.04 and older, please follow the tutorial HERE.