24 April 2012

Goodbye LiveCD, Goodbye LiveDVD, Godbye CD, Goodbye DVD

[Unetbootin running on Windows 7]

Several years ago, I remember, every time I need a newer Ubuntu release, automatically I have to purchase one blank CD to burn the newer Ubuntu iso. And every six months, I did the same thing. Again and again.

That was before I met Unetbootin, a wonderful simple application to create a Linux LiveMedia using USB stick drive. And now, almost every Linux distro provides a LiveMedia with size bigger than single CD fit (700 MB), and Unetbootin is the easiest, cheapest and the most briliant way to boot Linux LiveMedia.

This time, I just want so say, that I am so thankful to the Unetbootin developers that has developed an ultimate tool to "burn" a Linux LiveMedia into a USB stick drive. Of course, there are some major Linux distros that built to be "a DVD installer" such as CentOS, Slackware, and Arch. But, with the trending of LiveMedia, I believe, in the future, there is no distro Linux that doesn't have LiveMedia version to help users install Linux desktop easily :)

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