14 April 2012

Download, Install and Play Angry Birds Rio In Ubuntu/Debian Linux

Angry Birds Rio is a spin-off of the new-legendary game Angry Birds. This plot is specially taken from popular animation film Rio, an adventure of a pet Blue macaw bird from US in Brazilian jungle.

Based on that successful film, there are some game developers created a spin-off for Angry Birds game called Angry Birds Rio. The good news about this is, there is already a flash version of this game so we could play it in Linux desktop easily using flashplayer (standalone player, or by Internet Browser with flashplayer plugin).

And just like what I've done before in Angry Animals game, I've packed this game too into Debian package so we could install it with ease. If you have had installed flashplayer standalone, you don't have to download and install it. But, if you haven't it yet, you have to download the flashplayer standalone to play this game.

These are the packages :

This is a free game so there are some advertisements (this is normal, programmers live from advertisements). Just ignore them and enjoy the game :)


AR Subramanian said...

Thanks for packing the AB Rio as well as the standalone SWF player. In many ways, the Adobe version is better than Gnash etc.

Muaad ElSharif said...

Hello, thank you for the great post, sadly the flash player link is giving a 404 error. Could you look into that?