14 April 2012

Download, Install and Play Angry Animals Game Offline (An Angry Birds Clone) In Ubuntu/Debian Linux

Angry Birds is a new legendary game. It came first in iOS world and then spread widely into another Operating Systems. If we use Windows, we could get this game easily (there is already a Windows version). For Linux users, we could also install it easily using Wine. The native Linux version is not presented yet so we should be patient for this :)

But apparently, there is a game developer Flashninjaclan has developed an Angry Birds clone flash game and could be played easily in any browser and in any operating system, using adobe flashplayer plugin. This game is awesome, but playing it in an internet browser is not cool. So, there is a Zarko Zivanov has made a script to download this game, download an adobe flashplayer standalone, and then create a desktop shortcut. In the end, we will get “a Linux version” of this game and we can play it just like playing another native Linux game. The tutorial about this could be seen here.

Anyway, though that script is great, that will be more elegant if we could get a DEB package to install this game in our Ubuntu/Debian desktop regularly, just like installing another DEB packages. Because of this, I have packed this great game into a DEB package so we can install it easily. Also, I've packed a Macromedia Flashplayer Standalone into DEB to perform this game like a native Linux game.

To install this game, you have to download two packages. First, the adobe flashplayer standalone package (the game package depends on it); Second, the game package. Then, you can install them easily at once by terminal :

sudo dpkg -i *.deb

Here are the packages :



After installation, you probably will get the game need some moments to be loaded (this happened in my old P4 computer). Enjoy the game and Happy Linuxing !

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Muaad ElSharif said...

Hello, thanks for the great post, sadly the files don't work. Do you mind reuploading them?