28 March 2009

Download Them!

Downloading (anything) from internet is one of our daily tasks in these modern life. Theres some techniques for downloading. We can use our internet browser`s downloader (e.g Firefox and Opera), or we can use another third party tools for download. We known that as the download manager, and the main function of download manager is to speed up the download process and manage it. In Windows platform, we known some download manager softwares like Internet Download Manager (IDM) and Download Accelerator Plus (DAP).

How about download manager in Linux? Dont worry, Linux also had some powerful download managers. One of them is called wget. Its a shell-based downloader. Although wget was a shell-based downloder, wget came with many wonderful usefulness. One of it is recursive download. Using recursive download, we can completely download one or more directories that contain packages we need.

How about graphical downloader? One of graphical downloader on Linux is called D4X. D4X is a great graphical download manager on Linux with very similar interface as IDM or DAP. For download, we just enter our download address on the add address toolbox. For saving, we just enter our local directory e.g /home or /home/download. We also can save our download packages on /root directories if we start D4X with root access.

In Gnome desktop, use run (alt+F2) and type :

gksu d4x


In terminal, login as root or using sudo :

# d4x

$ sudo d4x

Finally, I just want suggest anyone in whole world to try it and use Linux !

Happy Tux-ing ! ^_^

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