28 March 2009

The Damned Beep!

Until now, I enjoying Linux Mint 5, another 'multimedia-ready' version of Ubuntu Hardy Heron LTS. The simple reason I used it of course because Linux Mint 5 was fully-rock ready to play any multimedia formats, and also, Linux Mint 5 was completely compatible to Ubuntu Hardy Heron LTS packages. We can easily install any additional softwares from Ubuntu Hardy LTS repository using apt-get. For the last thing, I always enjoy using Ubuntu Hardy as my default Linux desktop because Ubuntu Hardy was released as a Long Term Support version of Ubuntu. It means that we will get long term support for our Linux desktop for three years. From the previous cases of Ubuntu 6.06, LTS version of Ubuntu also promises third party softwares compatibility releasing. Of course I can download and switch my Linux desktop to Linux Mint 6 (Ubuntu Intrepid), but I still and will always enjoy using Ubuntu Hardy because of the LTS.

For the whole system, Linux Mint 5 is perfect. One big damned thing that I really-really hate on Linux Mint is on the “tuuuut” sound when we made a mistake such as un-finished close window, and backing space typing in terminal. The sound “tuuut” is so damned-hard and really makes me so damned-angry. Especially I always work in the evening to midnight, and of course this damned-beep-sound was really disturb anyone who had gone nice slept.

To turn this beep off, we just need to go to gnome main menu “System>Preferences>Sound”. In the “Sound” dialog box, look at “System Beep” section and uncheck the “Enable system beep” button. Now, we will not get the damned-beep sound again, and we can fully-complete enjoying Linux desktop.

Happy Linuxing!

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