17 January 2017

How To Easily Install Google Chrome on Solus OS

Google Chrome running on Solus OS

Solus OS is a brand new, independent Linux distribution that comes with its own package management called eopkg. Unfortunately, there is no Chromium Browser yet in Solus' default repository. Also, Google Chrome only supports RPM dan DEB package. And so, how to install Chromium/Google Chrome web browser on Solus OS? There are two choices you can pick. (Personally, I prefer to "install" Google Chrome).

1. Chromium .Appimage
You could use Appimage version of Chromium Browser that can be download from THIS REPOSITORY. After you downloaded the appimage file, make it executable by command chmod +x file_name. Last, install the dependecy : sudo eopkg install gconf

2. Google Chrome
Chromium's .Appimage lacks Google account login so you can't access your synchronized bookmarks and histories from your another PC. Alternatively, you can use Google Chrome by a simple tricks as follows :

- Download Google Chrome stable Debian version.
- Extract the file google-chrome-stable_current_amd64.deb
- Go to extracted folder, and you will find two folders. Extract the data.tar.gz file.
- Next, you will find some folders from extracted data.tar.gz
- Move to the opt folder
- Move Google folder to the /opt directory : sudo mv Google /opt
- Make the shortcut :
  -> sudo gedit /usr/share/applications/google-chrome.desktop
  -> Put these lines in the file :

       Name=Google Chrome

- Voila, now you have Google Chrome on your Solus OS.

Solus OS is a great distro. It's fast and beautiful. I hope Solus developer would like to package Chromium browser into Solus' repository.

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