08 September 2016

How To Speed Up Your KDE Plasma Desktop (KDE4)

KDE is one of the oldest desktop environment in Linux. While GNOME (the other desktop that as old as KDE) is trying to built its own style of user interface, KDE from the beginning seems to mimics the Microsoft Windows' "classic" user interface. Thus, KDE has its own user base, especially for them who still in love with the Windows' philosophy : a simple desktop, with a single taskbar in the bottom, and a start menu in the left.

Personally, I love KDE. It's gorgeous and eyecandy. But sometimes, I feel KDE is little bit slow in my older hardwares. So, after some experiences, I've found some tweak how to make KDE Plasma Desktop Runs Faster.

1. Change The Compositing Engine 
Go to System Settings>Desktop Effect>Advanced, and change the Compositing type from OpenGL 2.0 to XRender.

2. Remove All Bloatware Apps
There are some uneeded apps installed in Kubuntu (my favorite KDE distro) and you could safely remove them. Here are my list :

sudo apt-get remove kwalletmanager akregator telepathy-gabble telepathy-haze telepathy-logger telepathy-mission-control-5 telepathy-salut kde-telepathy kde-telepathy-approver kde-telepathy-auth-handler kde-telepathy-contact-list kde-telepathy-data kde-telepathy-declarative kde-telepathy-desktop-applets kde-telepathy-filetransfer-handler kde-telepathy-integration-module kde-telepathy-minimal kde-telepathy-send-file kde-telepathy-text-ui

3. Remove All Bloatware Services
Remove all uneeded services in directory /usr/share/kde4/services. Here are my list :
- baloo_calendarsearchstore.desktop
- baloo_emailsearchstore.desktop
- baloo_notesearchstore.desktop
- baloo_contactsearchstore.desktop
- baloo_filesearchstore.desktop
- baloosearch.protocol
- kwalletd.desktop
- /usr/bin/kwalletd

4. Disable All Animations
Go to System Settings>Desktop Effect>All Efect, uncheck all.

5. Disable The Compositor (If You Want)
Desktop compositing is needed by KDE Desktop to make the panel looks transparent and better. But if you need an extremely fast desktop, you could disable this. Go to System Settings>Desktop Effect>General, uncheck "Enable desktop effects at startup".

6. Considering The 32bit System 
If you use older or slower processor (like: Intel Atom, Older Pentium, Older Celeron), you should use 32bit system instead. Even though, your processor supports 64bit system. Based on my own experience, 32bit system runs faster in older processors. Don't worry, modern 32bit Linux kernel have had PAE extension, that supports 4 GB RAM or more.

7. Instant Messenger App
If you need an instant messenger app, you could use Kopete. An older, mature KDE instant messaging app that runs much faster and supports most popular protocols.

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