06 February 2016

How To Run .jar File in Linux

Java archive (.jar), in the past, was a very popular format, especially for Java based mobile cellphone and Symbian based cellphone. It's a mobile and portable format, and could also used to build a desktop (PC) application.

For you Linux folks, if you found a java based application with .jar formatted, it's very easy to run the file. Here are the steps to run .jar file in Linux :

1. Install IcedTea (open source version of Java Virtual Machine)

sudo apt-get install icedtea-plugin

2. Open terminal, and run the .jar file with following command :

java -jar file.jar

Google2SRT, a desktop application to download and convert Youtube's subtitle / caption into a srt file, running under Linux. It's officialy a Microsoft Windows application build using Java.

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