16 February 2016

How To Easily Download Youtube Subtitle/Caption in Linux

Youtube is now become a major, most viewed, free video streaming website in the universe. It is complete, mobile, and rich featured, including subtitle/caption. And then, there is a simple question, how to download Youtube subtitle/caption in Linux?

Apparently, there is an application called Google2SRT. It is officialy a Ms. Windows application, but thanks to the developer it's built with Java so it's mobile and could be ran in any other operating system using JVM (Java Virtual Machine).

For the sake of ease, I've been 'ported' the application into Linux (.deb), and could be easily installed in any Debian based Linux distribution. Here are the steps to install :

1. Download the package HERE.
2. Install the dependency : sudo apt-get install icedtea-plugin
3. Install the package : sudo dpkg -i google2srt_0.7.4_all.deb
4. Just copy and paste the Youtube URL, press Go.

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