23 January 2016

Install Latest Flashplayer Plugin For Mozilla Firefox in Linux

The latest version of adobe flashplayer plugin for Linux is now maintained by Google under a new name called "Pepper Flashplugin". This plugin is built as default in Google's official browser Google Chrome. For Mozilla Firefox user, for now Pepper Flashplugin is officially supported in Ubuntu repository. The steps is very simple as follows :

1. Install Google Chrome
You need to have Google Chrome installed. If you don't have it, the installer will automatically download Google Chrome in order to extract the flashplayer.
2. Update your apt
Make sure your apt cache is updated by executing command : sudo apt-get update
3. Install the package
Install the package : sudo apt-get install browser-plugin-freshplayer-pepperflash

Ubuntu 15.04 Bellow (14.04, 12.04)
For Ubuntu 15.04 and older, please follow the tutorial HERE.

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