08 January 2016

How To Copy / Transfer Music To A Windows Phone From Linux OS

If you are a Linux user, it's not as easy as Android, if you want to put music collection into a Windows Phone. In Android, you could easily grab, copy and paste your mp3 files into your devices. In Windows phone, that doesn't work.  Windows phone is designed for Microsoft Windows OS. If you want to put music files into your devices, you have to sync your mp3 files in your computer using Windows Media Player. 

So, how to sync music files into Windows Phone from Linux OS? Apparently, there is a way, and quite simple. Here are the steps :

1. You must edit your mp3 metadata (id3) using music metadata editor. I recommend Easytag. Complete the metadata, especially the artist, music tittle, and music album.

2. Create a folder structure Artist/Album. Example : Mariah Carey/Greatest Hits.

3. Put your mp3 files into the Album folder.
4. Plug in your Windows Phone.
5. Copy and paste the Folder we've been created in step 2 into the Windows Phone's Music folder

6. Your music files should works in Music and Videos app.

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