21 November 2015

Howto Connect To Windows Share Network (Connect To Server) Easily in PCManFM

In Nautilus 3.4, Nemo, or Caja, there is a very useful menu called "Connect to Server". This menu allow us to connect to a Windows Share network via Samba. If you are using another desktop environment such as LXDE, there aren't such menu, and we need to install third party tool called Gigolo.

But apparently, PCManFM (the default file manager of LXDE) already has such function. We could connect to a Windows Share network in PCManFM easily. Here are the simple steps :

1. Open PCManFM and go to adress bar, and type this command :


example : smb://staff@ then press Enter

2. Once you will be asked to input the Windows Share Network password (if exists), select Remember Forever option.

3. You are connected to Windows Share Network ;)

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