03 September 2015

How To Activate PHP Selector in RHEL/Centos/CloudLinux Based Server with WHM/cPanel

PHP selector is an awesome feature in RHEL/Centos/CloudLinux based web server. This feature allow user to select their own need of PHP version. Why do people need different version of PHP? Some need old version (5.2), and some need the newest version.

Today, there are many web scripts (CMS) exists. Some CMS depend on older version of PHP, and some depend on newer, even newest version of PHP. Because of this trend, PHP Selector created.

But for now, this feature is only dedicated for RHEL-based distros. So, if you are running other distros (such as Ubuntu server), this tool isn't available yet.

Here are the steps to activate PHP Selector in cPanel :

1. Install cagefs
# yum install cagefs

2. Install alt-php
# yum groupinstall alt-php

3. Go to WHM, and find CageFS menu.

4. Enable the user you want to be PHP selector active by move from right box (Disabled) to the left box (Enabled).  Then, click Enable CageFS Skeleton.

5. Go to cPanel, and find Select PHP Version menu

6. Voilaa! Now we get PHP selector.

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