21 June 2014

How To Make Ubuntu's Unity Runs Faster

Since Ubuntu 11.04, Unity has been the default desktop for Ubuntu. Many user don't like, but many others love it. At the first, I also didn't like Unity, but then I slowly realized that Unity brings perfect Desktop philosophy : beautiful, elegant, but also simple and looks professional. We could search and execute applications by searching in dash.

With all its pros, Unity also comes with its cons. One of most disturbing thing of Unity desktop is its desktop-3D-effects-bloated and makes Unity runs slowly in middle or low specs PCs. But we don't have to be sad, there are tricks to make Unity Desktop runs faster, and they are quite simple to do.

Install CCSM
The tool to tweak Unity is ccsm, so we need to install it first :
sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager

Disable Animations
1. Open Compiz Config Settings Manager

2. Go to category Effects, and select Animations.

3. Change all animations settings to None by double clicking the options in the box (Open Animations, Close Animations, Minimize Animations, Shade Animations, Focus Animations).

Disable Blur
1. Back to main CCSM menu and go to category Desktop. Select menu Ubuntu Unity Plugin.

2. In Ubuntu Unity Plugin menu, go to tab Experimental, and find the option Blur (below) and change it to No Blur.

3. Exit CCSM, and now your Unity desktop will run faster.

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