04 May 2014

How To Connect To Server / Shared Folder / Samba in KDE Dolphin File Manager

For years, many GNOME classic (and now MATE) users have been pleased by a great feature in the file manager called Connect To Server. The function of Connect to Server is to connect to any shared / Samba folder in File Manager (Nautilus/Caja).

But how about KDE with Dolphin File Manager wants to connect to shared / samba folder. Is there a same feature as in Nautilus and Caja ? The Answer is yes. These are the steps to connect KDE's Dolphin file manager to any samba / shared folder :

1. In the upper left side, there is Network menu (under Home folder). Select it, and then in the right window, select Add Network Folder.

2. Select the connection type (commonly FTP or Microsoft Windows network drive). In this example, I want to connect to a FTP shared folder with username and password needed.

3. Give it a name whatever you want (ex : server data). Enter the necessary information : 
- Username
- Port (leave it default to 21)
- Enter the folder path we want to access (or leave it blank)
- Click Save and Connect

4. Enter the password (if needed, it depends on the shared folder configuration)

5. And then, the Dolphin file manager shows the shared / samba folder. Enjoy.

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