11 June 2013

Welcome WPS Office, An Identical Clone of Microsoft Office

WPS Office 9a10 / 2013 Running on Ubuntu 13.04

Since first release, OpenOffice.org (now rebranded as LibreOffice) has been the only one, professional, complex Office Suite application in Linux. It has the whole things we need in professional office task. Even, it well supports Microsoft Office's .doc and .docx. In a simple statement : OpenOffice.org / LibreOffice is uncomparable to other Office Suite applications in Linux (Abiword, Goffice, Caligra  Office etc).

But now it seems the LibreOffice domination in Linux will be challenged by a new, complete and very good looking Office Suite called WPS Office. It's a free, Linux version of Kingsoft Office. And so, what is the greatest thing in this Office Suite ? As long I've tried it, I could say this is a full featured, but the best part of this app is in its UI. It is very identical to Microsoft Office 2010/2013 UI and or even it is a clone app just like XMMS to Classic Winamp.

So, if we are going to be bored by the LibreOffice UI that until now never been improved, this app is a cute, gorgeous choice to use. Even though, we don't know about its future : will be free forever, or licensed. Just wait and see ^^

Download this app for free HERE (i386 DEB)

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