26 February 2013

Take A Look Into Thunar 1.6 ( Xubuntu 13.04 Daily )

The dynamics of the Linux Desktop is going to be very interesting. Fedora finally adopts MATE Desktop Environment in its official repo, Linux Mint forks Nautilus 3.4, SolusOS forks Gnome Fallback, Ubuntu decided to follow Gnome team and use Nautilus 3.6 in the next 13.04 release, and now, Thunar, the default file manager for XFCE, finally reached 1.6 version.

So, is there any change? Or improvement? Yes. For us who love Gnome 2, I probably can say, we will, we should be very impressed by this release version of Thunar File Manager. Last day I downloaded the daily release of Xubuntu 13.04 in the sake of curiosity. Lets dive into it !

1. Tabbed File Manager
This feature presented finally, I guess, because, almost all of file managers in current Linux Desktop have this feature and so, it will be a stupidity if Thunar doesn't present this very common feature. Actually not a big deal, but for those who use XFCE for long time, this is the awaited one.

2. Volume Management
Now, Thunar is able to show, to put the mounted our harddisk partition at the side pane, just like Nautilus, PCManFM, and or Dolphin. Even, the default view, at the side pane there are DEVICES, PLACES and NETWORK. Very modern. One step forward compared to PCManFM.

3. Tree View

Tree view is a very Microsoft Windows feature, but there are so many (include me) people who love this simple feature. I can't imagine, how hard our daily work will be, without this feature.

4. Send To Mounted Volumes
This is a long ago featured feature that exists in Microsoft Windows OSes, started at Windows ME version. But as long as I know, this feature still only presented in Thunar File Manager.

This is my short review about Thunar 1.6 and XFCE 4.10 in Xubuntu 13.04. Now it is really hard for me to decide, which Desktop to use. Every Linux Desktop seems growing into a mature, full-featured, and very modern, easy to use user interface.

For those who love, and or prefer to traditional UI, XFCE with Thunar 1.6 probably is the best replacement for Gnome 3, alongside, or instead of MATE Desktop. Cheers !

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