26 December 2012

How To Make PCmanFM Shows All Images Thumbnail

 Change the amout of image file size we want to generate

 PCmanFM shows the thumbnails for all images

Since GNOME went to version 3 (which is a disaster), LXDE is now one of the most popular and most used desktop environments in Linux, alongside MATE and XFCE. It is good looking, modern and amazingly fast.

But don't you aware? That PCmanFM, the default File Manager for LXDE, ain't able to show all of our images/pictures/photos thumbnail. At the first time I realized this, I was lil bit confused. Why, and what happened ? Was this a bug ?

Apparently, this is not a bug. It is the default setting of PCmanFm for the sake of speed. This file manager won't show thumbnails for images/pictures with file size more than 2 MB.

So, to make PCmanFM able to show thumbnail for images with size more than 2 MB, we have to set it. To do that, just go to menu Edit > Preferences > Display, and at the bottom, change the value of  "Do not generate thumbnails for file exceeding this size" from 2000 KB to bigger size we want. Maybe 10000 KB (10MB) is enough, but if you are a photographer, you probably need more value because better image (in resolution and quality) will produce bigger file size.

That's all.

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