17 July 2012

Install Iceweasel 10 ESR on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS ( Mozilla Firefox Debian Rebranded )

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Since 4.0 Mozilla has decided to release the further Firefox browsers more frequently for the sake of improvements. It is indeed a great decision, but there are many enterprise users who need standardized system to simplify their enterprise technical management. Because of this reason, then Mozilla made a new decision to create a new branch of their Firefox browser that named Extended Support Release (ESR). This is similar to Long Term Support of Ubuntu release, but apparently Ubuntu doesn't facilitate this branch so we are Ubuntu users won't get ESR version of Firefox from Ubuntu's official repository.

But happily, there is official Debian project maintains the ESR release of their rebranded Firefox Iceweasel web browser. And I've tried the app from their Sid repository on my Ubuntu 12.04 and it worked fine (with some patches). As usual, I am so happy if I can share any good things to the others and so now you all Ubuntu users could try Iceweasel 10.0.5 ESR on your Ubuntu 12.04 system.


First, install its dependency from the Ubuntu repository :


Then, you need to download and install them manually :




Or, the simple way is by install them at once by

sudo dpkg -i

then fix its dependency by command :

sudo apt-get -f install (of course don't forget you need Internet connection to do this to access the Ubuntu repository)





Note :

We can't run Iceweasel and Mozilla Firefox at the same time. If you have Firefox, you have to choose which browser that you want to use.

That's it I hope this will be useful for you. Any bug and or error please send me feedback.

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