24 April 2012

QMMP Skins Pack for Ubuntu/Debian

QMMP is a great Winamp Like music player. For me, this is the greatest current living Winamp Like Music Player in Linux (Audacious seems to be more “gtk” interfaced music player than classic winamp). This is based on QT but works smooth and fast enough in gtk based desktops (lxde, xfce, gnome).

For you that don't know yet what is QMMP, this is a popular app and installable easily by apt in Ubuntu and or Debian (squeeze, wheezy, sid) :
sudo apt-get install qmmp

Because of this, I decided to pack some cool Winamp classic skins to be a Debian package to fullfil the lack of additional skins in default QMMP installation. These are the skins :
  1. AmpBurger
  2. Bang & Olufsen
  3. DaizedAmp
  4. iTunesLeopard
  5. Kenwood-KDC-2019
  6. Rapture
  7. s1-1.5d
  8. Winamp5-XMMS
  9. Winamp Classic

And this is the file qmmp-skins-pack-0.1-all.deb you can download and install it to eyecandy your QMMP Player. Happy Linuxing !


Gernot Premper said...

Works excellent .. I would have left out the Hamburger skin ;-)

Anonymous said...

thank you!

Genoskill said...

Thank you very much forn these nice skins my dear friend.

John Paul Davie said...

Didn't work Can't copy my Xauthorisation, can't run as root.

John Paul Davie said...

Didn't work. Can't copy my Xauthorisation, can't run as root.