19 March 2012

How To Install LibreOffice / OpenOffice.org in Slackware / Vector Linux

LibreOffice 3.5 running on Vector Linux 7 (Slackware based distro)
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I've recently tried Vector Linux 7, a Slackware based Linux distro. It is stable, rock solid and modern. But, there is one missing thing in Slackware world : there is no native package for LibreOffice or OpenOffice.org office suite. And so, how to get it? We all know, LibreOffice / OOo has became mainstream office suite and has been used widely as ultimate office suite alternative to Microsoft Office.

I cold say : There is no worry. There are some tools to get tgz Slackware package from another linux packages such as DEB and RPM. We could use rpm2tgz or deb2tgz.

As an Ubuntu user, I of course choose deb2tgz. We could download it from HERE, and then install it by terminal : # installpkg *.tgz (as root). Then, there is very simple to install LibreOffice in Slackware.

First, download DEB version from LibreOffice homepage, extract it. Enter to the extraction folder by terminal, and covert them as tgz by deb2tgz tool : $ deb2tgz *.deb. Last, install them simply by terminal too : # installpkg *.tgz.

Very last step, we need to make LibreOffice shortcut manually. In XFCE desktop, we could do this by right click at the Desktop, and select Create Launcher. At Create Launcher dialog box, put a name “LibreOffice Writer”, and at Command column, direct it to this working directory /opt/LibreOffice3.5/program/swriter (depends on which LibreOffice you choose, it could be LibreOffice3.4, 3.6 etc). Repeat this step for another LibreOffice shortcut.

And now, we have LIbreOffice suite in our beloved Slackware desktop :)

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