28 February 2012

How To Put / Bring Back The Distributor Logo / Gnome Foot Logo at Corner of GNOME Menu in GNOME 3 Gnome Fallback Desktop

Distributor Logo Brought Back to GNOME 3 Gnome Fallback Desktop

As I've ever said, GNOME 3 gnome-fallback desktop is the only one that official to perform Gnome 2 desktop interface in GNOME 3 desktop (gnome-panel, metacity). But there is another problem in appearance of GNOME 3 gnome-fallback : The Distributor Logo Disappeared !

From internet forums, I later knew that this “problem” is official by default. We don't know the reason behind. Maybe the taste among GNOME developer about desktop is just different with us, but we all realized that Distributor Logo at the left corner of Gnome Menu is ultimately pretty and we want that amazing logo back !

But not to be worried, there is a way to bring back our pretty Distributor Logo, and here it is :

1. Edit the gtk3 theme we're using (Ambiance or Adwaita or another theme).

As a sample, I use Ambiance theme in Ubuntu (if you use another theme, just adjust this way with your theme). Open terminal and type this :

sudo gedit /usr/share/themes/Ambiance/gtk-3.0/apps/gnome-panel.css

2. Find this line

PanelMenuBar.menubar.menuitem {

and then, at bottom of that (give a Enter space) put this code :


Clearly, must be like this :

PanelMenuBar.menubar.menuitem {


Save and exit.

3. Logout and login back.

Enjoy ! :D

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