21 February 2012

How To Convert Multiple Images At Once In Linux

Conversion process

Step 4. Last step, click continue

Step 3. Select image collection folder

Step 2. Select Filetype as gif / or another

Step 1. Add Action Save

For some reasons, we need to convert our image collections from one to another format (e.g : from jpeg into png, gif etc). In Linux, we have had convert, a command-line tool, part of the popular tool imagemagick. But, in order to convert multiple images at once, undertaking it using convert is absolutely difficult (I've tried, and followed the manual, but always been failed).

But, don't worry! We have a great solution. In Linux, there is already a GUI tool to do very complex actions of image manipulation called PHATCH. Now, here it is the steps :

1. Open phatch, and select Add an action button.

2. Scroll down, find and select action Save.

3. In Save action dialog, there are columns about image profile we want to convert. Select As and select the format we wanted (ex : gif). Let other columns (Filename etc) without change. Last, press button Execute the action.

4. Next, we will meet file browser window. Just select Browse Folder and select the folder that contains our image collection/photos that we want to convert.

5. Last, an explorer windows will appears. Just click continue and wait. The process of course depend on how many images/photos we have, and how large the filesize of each.

6. The conversion is done, and now we have our images in new format, and saved in Desktop/phatch.


Phatch is a popular app. In Debian and Ubuntu, we can install it simply by apt (or other way depends what distro you're using) :

apt-get install phatch

Happy Linuxing ! Long live Linux desktop !


Anonymous said...

batch converting with ImageMagick is just that easy:

mogrify -format png *.jpg

which means: convert all jpg-files in the directory to png

Alwan Rosyidi said...

Yes, I know that .. But the GUI is way much easier.. Especially for Linux newcomer..