31 January 2012

Winff : An Audio Video Multimedia Converter in Linux

While converting, a command-line ffmpeg dialog process appears

Modern personal computing is about multimedia. We play DVDs, blue-rays, listen to music, recording, play game etc by our PC. And how about multimedia computing in Linux desktop? We have almost all we need in Linux, and amazingly, they are absolutely free ! (not like in windows, they are proprietary, or “shared” app with limited features).

Now, I'm talking about multimedia converter in Linux desktop. As we've known, now, there are so many multimedia formats to perform digital multimedia entertainment. And so we need an application to convert from one to another multimedia format, and I've found a great multimedia converter called Winff. It is a GUI front-end for the mature and popular multimedia converter in Linux ffmpeg. The UI of this app is very simple, but don't doubt about its capability. This app supports maybe all modern multimedia formats that exist. We could convert from to adobe flv into and from DVD, VCD, 3gp phone, nokia, iPod, avi, mwv, and also, ogg audio, ogg video, mp3, etc etc.

It is very easy to install Winff. This app is popular and already included in the software repository of many major Linux distributions. For Ubuntu, we can easily install it by typing :

sudo apt-get install winff

One thing to be known, we need to install libavcodec-extra-53 to make the app could convert medias into mp3 audio (in Ubuntu 11.04 and below, its called libavcodec-extra-52).

Let's try it and always be glad to use Linux desktop. Long live Linux desktop :)

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Geekit Be said...

This is just what I am looking for. Thanks mate! :) keep blogging about Linux. Majukan Linux di Indonesia :)