31 January 2012

Solved : Desktop Freeze When Editing Documents Using Libreoffice in Lubuntu (LXDE)

Lubuntu 11.10 using lxpanel and tint2

LXDE is a new but suddenly being popular desktop environment in Linux world. It uses openbox as the window manager, so it is lightweight and runs fast in any low hardware PCs or laptops. Not long time later, born Lubuntu, an Ubuntu based distro that uses LXDE as the desktop environment. Then Lubuntu 10.10, 11.10 and 11.10 regularly released and since 11.04, Lubuntu has been recognized as a new Ubuntu derivative.

Overall, Lubuntu has no important notice about bugs, except one bug in Lubuntu 11.10. If we edit documents by Libreoffice and then save it, the desktop will be frozen. After google about this bug, I found the solving. This bug caused by Task Bar (Window List) applet of lxpanel (LXDE panel). To solve this problem is very easy, these are the steps :

  1. Remove Task Bar (Window List) applet in lxpanel by right clicking at the lxpanel>Panel Settings>Panel Applets and remove that applet.

  1. Install tint2 as a Task Bar replacement. Tint2 is a very small and very lightweight panel that provides Task Bar, System Tray, Clock etc. Tint2 is available in Ubuntu repository and we could install it easily by typing : sudo apt-get install tint2

  1. Configure the tint2. Remove the system tray applet because its applet will crash with lxpanel's system tray applet. Also, if you feel discomfort, we could remove clock applet of tint2. To configure, we need to do this manually by edit its configuration file :

leafpad /home/user/.config/tint2/tint2rc

At the tint2 configuration file, find the string #System Tray and #Clock, and remove them (all column). The default size of tint2 is 30 pixels and the length is just 80%. If we prefer 24 pix panel with full length, find the string called #Panel and edit panel_size string into this :

panel_size = 100% 24

  1. Add tint2 to the autostarted daemon of Lubuntu session. We can do this by editing this :

sudo leafpad /etc/xdg/lxsession/Lubuntu/autostart and add this line :


  1. Logout and login back, and now we could edit any documents using Libreoffice with no any crashes again :)

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