21 December 2011

Build of cdfs-src failed in Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot and The Alternative Solution

VCD ripping, using k3b

Error Message in cdfs building in Ubuntu Oneiric Ocelot

Unlike Windows, Linux, because of its kernel design, couldn't read an copy VCDs as normal files in a data CD. But, of course, there are some way to “copy” VCD in Linux to our harddisk drive. The most used tools to read and copy VCD in Linux are vcdxrip (part of vcdimager) and cdfs. If vcdimager is a ripper tool, cdfs is a module to be patched in kernel so we could mount VCDs just like as a normal data CD, and we could copy paste them into our harddisk.

I prefer use cdfs to vcdimager, and for enough long time I used cdfs to copy and collect my old VCDs into harddisk, but in Ubuntu Oneiric Ocelot, I've found an annoying bug. I couldn't build cdfs package from cdfs-src package. When I tried build cdfs from cdfs-src package, module-assistant gave me this error message : Build of cdfs-src failed! How do you wish to proceed?

A post in Launchpad told that current cdfs-src version is not compatible yet with Linux Kernel version 3.x.x (Owwwwhh!). This is bad news of course, because the bug seems like unsolved until someone hack or build new version of cdfs-src to be compatible with Linux Kernel 3.x, or until someone patch Linux Kernel 3.x.x to be able to work with cdfs. As an common end-user, I just could pray and hope that the solution will be presented soon :D

But, of course, as a loyal Linux user, I didn't give up to find a way to cover this problem while I wait for upstream solved for cdfs-src bug with Kernel 3.x.x. Happily, finally I found a simple solution to copy VCD in Ubuntu Oneiric and the solution is k3b+vcdimager. K3b, as a sophisticated and high quality disc burner, presented many sophisticated features such as vcd and dvd ripping, and vcd and dvd making. And magically, by using vcdimager, I've successfully ripped VCD into harddisk without any notable error (really!). The only one note is, if the ripping process couldn't completely rip our VCD, just repeat the process until all the tracks in the VCD successfully ripped into harrdisk :)

Technical Note :

System : Xubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot with default Kernel 3.0.0-12-generic

cdfs-src : 2.6.23-4

module-assistant : 0.11.4

k3b : 2.0.2

vcdimager : 0.7.23-4ubuntu2

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