27 February 2011

Solved! Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx Shutdown Trouble

In so many cases, we always desire to make everything we had worked in perfect. But, we often make mistakes as the 'side-effect' of our desire for making everything perfect. We sacrifice quality in order to pursue radical change. We leave stability in order to pursue radical development. It is not wrong thinking but I think we should consider the most moderate value between revolution and stability -and quality.

I'm talking this issue in order to show my review about the recent developments of many major Linux distributions. My central point is Ubuntu Linux. For many years ago, this distribution was well known as a high quality developed desktop distribution, and well known as one of best Linux distributions for desktop computing. But, since Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, there left many disturbing bugs. Yes I can successfully solved many of those bugs in the further days, but maybe it is good and wise for us to not too desire to pursue revolution but forgetting quality (in the complete context). Integrity not viewed just by the aggressive appearance, but also viewed completely alongside stability, quality and -the most important- effectiveness.

My central point for the Ubuntu new invention is Indicator Applet Session. This is a great applet which we can update our status of our Internet social networking accounts, and also, we can get some main functions to turn on, off, and restart our computer. But what was the great news of? That applet is badly not working! We can't shut the computer down by using that applet and so what next? So we can do that by typing sudo halt in terminal, but what the hell is it? Is this the revolution? Oh God!

Enough for my complain about. Anyway, I have successfully solved that bug (horey!). The very simple way to solve that bug is by installing apmd package. This is a critical package to manage power management. In the previous versions (Ubuntu 9.04 and below), this package is presented built-in. But I didn't know the reason why, in the Ubuntu 10.04, this package was removed. Now, I can logout, turn off, and restart my computer by accessing shutdown button in the Indicator Applet Session, with comfortable :D

Bravo Linux!

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