14 September 2016

Top 5 Linux Distributions That Looks Like Windows 7

Microsoft Windows 7 is considered by many users around the world as the operating system with best user interface, after Windows XP. It is extremely simple, super easy to use, yet looks elegant. For this reason, there are plenty of users that refuse to adapt newer Microsoft Windows, like Windows 8/8.1 and or Windows 10. 

If you are a Windows user who love Windows 7 user interface, and currently planning to adapt GNU/Linux desktop, you should look for these GNU/Linux distributions that look very close to Microsoft Windows 7 user interface.

1. Zorin GNU/Linux
Zorin/GNU Linux is a Linux distribution that mimics Microsoft Windows 7 user interface. Zorin uses GnoMenu, an advanced application menu that looks very close to Windows 7 start menu. Combined with avant-window-navigator, a dock application, that is arranged to be looks similar to Windows 7 taskbar. Without doubt, this is the perfect, excelent Linux distro for every Windows 7 lover. Website : http://zorinos.com/

2. ChaletOS
ChaletOS is an another Linux distribution that mimics Microsoft Windows 7 user interface with more modern theme resembles Windows 8 theme. ChaletOS is based on Xubuntu, a great Linux distribution with XFCE desktop environment. Website : https://sites.google.com/site/chaletoslinux/home

3. Kubuntu
Kubuntu is an official Ubuntu Linux flavor distribution that uses KDE desktop environment. This distribution is very beatiful, yet simple and easy to use. You would not regret give this beauty a try. Website : http://www.kubuntu.org/

4. Lubuntu
Lubuntu is an another official Ubuntu Linux flavor that uses LXDE desktop environment. It is super fast, simple, very easy to use and has a modern, eye catchy look. If you have an old computer, or want a Linux distro that runs as fast as a roadrunner, Lubuntu is perfect for you. Also, this distribution have a desktop arrangement that similar to Windows user interface, with a bottom panel, and a menu in the left. Website : http://lubuntu.net/

5. Xubuntu
Xubuntu is the distro which ChaletOS is built. It uses XFCE and whisker menu that looks very similar to the Windows 7 start menu. The default Xubuntu arrangement put the panel and menu at the top, but you could move it freely to the bottom, so you will get the Windows 7 experience. Website : https://xubuntu.org/

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