21 May 2014

How To Reset GIMP 2.8 Layout

GIMP is a legendary image manipulation program in the open source world. As user, I have to thank to the developer who had developed an open source image manipulation program with rich and completely professional features. For years, I've been using this program and created many great graphic designs.

But since version 2.8, personally I didn't feel right with the direction which the GIMP developer has chosen. In simple word, I feel really sorry to say that I don't like the GIMP 2.8 layout.

There are two points of GIMP 2.8 layout that annoy me :

  1. Floating and dragable dock. Your Paint Tool pallet could be gone if you accidentally drag the pallet.
  2. The Export option to save the project, replacing the one way save / save as option. This option is very annoying. I know what the developer think about it, but this option is totally not efficient. 

But how if as I mentioned in above, we accidentally drag the paint tool pallet and the pallet gone forever ? That will be a nightmare right ? Don't be panic. All we need is to reset the layout of GIMP 2.8 into its default layout.

To reset the layout of GIMP 2.8, there are two easy options and it's up to you to choose which is the easier.

  1. Open nautilus, go to home folder, show hidden files (Ctrl+H) and delete the folder named .gimp-2.8
  2. Open terminal, and delete the GIMP folder by command : rm -rf .gimp-2.8

Reopen GIMP, and now, you will get the GIMP 2.8 default layout back.

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