21 February 2013

How To Make XFCE Application Menu Keyboard Shortcut

Since Gnome 3 came as a disaster, many people later switched to some directions. One of then the destination for Gnome 2 folks is XFCE Desktop. It is light, gtk+ based and highly customizable just like the old Gnome 2 desktop.

Overall we can say, XFCE is great. But there is one question about this Desktop that is not yet answered : How to make the keyboard shortcut for XFCE Menu ? In Gnome 2, or LXDE we can use Alt+F1 combination to pop up the Application menu, but how about in XFCE ?

I've sought the way but I got nothin'. In the end, I was just looking around the XFCE Desktop and I found that the shortcut Alt+F1 is used to show the XFCE4 Help page. And so, I think about replacing the executable into the command to pop the XFCE4 Application menu up.

Here are the steps :

1. Open text editor and put this simple script


Save as xfhelp4

2. Make the script executable

chmod +x xfhelp4

3. Rename the default xfhelp4 executable in the system to any name

sudo mv /usr/bin/xfhelp4 /usr/bin/xfhelp4.bak

4. Move the script we have made into the system

sudo mv xfhelp4 /usr/bin

5. Try to press Alt+F1

Now, I can easily access the XFCE4 menu by keyboard shortcut :)

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