25 December 2012

Install XMMS 1.2.11 on Any Current, Newest, Debian Based Linux Distribution : The Best Music Player in Linux Ever

To play music, there are many choices now in Linux. But as I've tried those stuffs, from Amarok, gMusicBrowser, Rhythmbox, Banshee to Clementine, I found that the best is XMMS in sound quality.

Yes, it's an obsolete app. Even we can call it "an ancient app" from the ancient world. It uses an ancient technology gtk+1.2, but strangely, it has very great sound quality : Clear in the Treble, Soft in the Bass,

But, how and where we could get this app and install it onto our current, newer Linux distro ? I know, even the libraries for this app is not available anymore in any current Linux software repository. And so, I share my collection to you HERE.


  1. Stay online and connect your apt to your official Linux distro's software repository (Ubuntu,   Debian).
  2. Extract the .tar.gz enter to the folder by terminal 
  3. Install them manually by terminal : sudo dpkg -i *.deb
  4. If you found a dependency error, just fix it  : sudo apt-get -f install

Sound Output
It won't produce any sound before we set its sound output into ALSA (the default is OSS). To do this, just simply go to the preferences menu by clicking at the top left corner of XMMS's main window, and select Options>Preferences. Set the Output Plugin to ALSA 1.2.11. Click Apply.

Equalizer Presets
Don't forget, it has a great feature to use Winamp's equalizer configuration file. I've included it named winamp.q1 in the .tar.gz. To use it, just click at the Equalizer window, and select PRESETS>Load>From File and point it to the file winamp.q1. Last, go to the Equalizer window again, do the similar by select PRESETS>Load>Preset. There are several presets we can choose (I vote Rock preset).

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AR Subramanian said...

Indeed true...! XMMS is still the best. The audio quality is way ahead of the rest.