20 September 2012

SMPlayer Theme Faenza : An Elegant SMPlayer Theme To Match With Faenza Icon Theme


Main Window

Preferences Window

In Linux world, there are many Media Player today. But for me, I've had my own choice : SMPlayer. It is a Qt based front-end for Mplayer, the (probably) greatest media player in Linux. By default, SMPlayer is capable to play almost all media format exist today. With w32codecs, it will be the perfect one ! Also, now, SMPlayer has already supported Mplayer2 (the next generation of Mplayer). It is better than VLC, and it is far more better than Totem.

Meanwhile, there is an icon theme that has been very popular in Linux desktop named Faenza Icon Theme. It is a simple but elegant, squared icon theme created by Tiheum. From the first release, I've admired this icon theme so much and I always use this icon theme and I've never been bored. It matchs so much with the Ubuntu's Light Themes.

Because of the those two great things, I've decided to make a little thing to meet the elegant look of Faenza to Smplayer. And finally, I've successfully arranged a theme for Smplayer based on Faenza Icon Theme and now I have my beloved Smplayer presents with my favorite icon theme.

As usual, I pack my little work into a debian package so you all debian and ubuntu users could use my little work easily. I packed the theme into deb and we could install it easily in our Smplayer installation. According to the ubuntu repository, I've made the package depends on smplayer-themes package so we need to make sure that the package smplayer-themes is installed. If not, we have to install it first :

sudo apt-get install smplayer-themes

Then, we can install the theme simply by terminal : sudo dpkg -i smplayer-theme-faenza_1.0-alwan1_all.deb. To use the theme, we just need to go to the Preferences menu in Options>Preferences>Interface>Icon Set and select the Faenza icon set. That's all. I hope you enjoy it.



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