20 February 2012

Openshot : Ultimate Video Editor In Linux

Openshot Video Editor

Today, personal broadcasting is on our fingertips. Now, we could easily make any video documentation, music video covering, or even amateur movie making! (and then, uploaded to the Youtube). These eases happened because of the rapid development of multimedia technology. Today, almost in every low-end cellphone presents camera with video recording capability as a basic feature. Everytime, everywhere, we could tape our memories to be digital clips.

But, raw recording is of course boring. People need editing and add some cute stuffs like Video title, animation effects, and transition effects between multiple clips. So what we need is a video editing software.

In Windows, we knew windows movie maker as a simple but easy-to-use and full-featured video editor. How about Linux ? Nothing to be worried. In Linux, we have so many video editors, but as my personal opinion, I have two winners of the software : Kdenlive and Openshot Video Editor.

Both of those editors is based on MLT, an open source framework to edit and render videos. If Kdenlive is a part of KDE and written in Qt, Openshot is written in gtk. As usual, just like other KDE apps, Kdenlive is very sophisticated, rich of features and extremely fancy looking. In another side, Openshot is more simple in interface, but more easy-to-use and easy to be understood.

For me, I feel more comfort to use Openshot than Kdenlive. It's just like windows movie maker but with different interface, menus and with more complex feature. Just like windows movie maker, there is timeline in below with multiple tracks. We could add any popular media files from images, videos and audios. To get video title with animation, we have to install blender as additional collaboration to render animations. After all, we just need to Export our mixing, and there are two choice in Export settings dialog : Simple and Advanced.

In simple tab, there are some simplified choices of video formats : All formats, blu-ray, DVD, device and web. In advanced tab, there are more complex and detailed video profiles. If we don't know clearly about so many video profiles, we could go to simple tab and select All Formats, then select target (ex : MPEG), then select Video Profile (ex : PAL VCD) and the last, select the quality (low, medium, high).

As my experience, Openshot works fast enough in my P4 machine. I rendered a video clip with a music, and saved as DVD, and it took the time just about 3-5 minutes. Now, I can proudly show my video mixing to my friends and to the people in the world, and I can proudly say : I use Linux and FOSS software !


Openshot has became popular app. In Ubuntu and Debian, we can easily install it by apt :

sudo apt-get install openshot

Technical comparison :

System : Ubuntu 10.04.4 Lucid Lynx ( 4th Maintenance, Feb' 14 2012)

Openshot : Version 1.1.3

CPU : Intel Pentium 4 ( 2,4 GHz )

Memory : 2 GB DDR1 RAM

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